Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Feminism and the Homemaker

This morning, I opened up my blog feeds to discover this awesome post on A Practical Wedding, and I completely identified with it. As someone who currently selects the "homemaker" box when asked about employment simply because I cannot identify with the term "unemployed" ...well, just read the blog post.

My husband has called me a feminist before, and it's always with a bit of an eye roll. And before I married him and left my job to move across the Atlantic Ocean to live with him, I never would have though of myself as a feminist - I was just a career-oriented young person. Which probably made me a feminist simply because of my gender, but I really never gave it a thought. It's funny how it took coming home full-time to really make me identify with the term.

This morning, I shampooed part of the carpet, baked a batch of mini quiche for our Officers' Spouses Club (am I seriously a member of this?), and I'm about to head out the door to meet up with my knitting group. And aside from dealing with the carpet, I actually enjoy most of this. Granted, I think I'd rather be working on my PhD, but this is actually an enjoyable situation.

And now, for another 4-month break from this blog. Thanks for checking in!


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