Sunday, June 23, 2013

Brought to you from a brand new location!

Far too much has happened over the past few months! So much, that updating this blog was not a priority in my life.

As is customary for us military families, we've moved! I'm not new to the PCS rodeo, but this was my first time moving as a spouse, and I have to say, it has been wildly different than any other military move I've experienced. More difficult? In some ways, no, in others, definitely.

Moving as a spouse was LESS difficult because:

  • I didn't have to outprocess OR inprocess! That was my husband's job. No trekking around base with a checklist, only to discover every office has TERRIBLE hours. 
  • I had someone to keep me company during the move! Thanks, husband.
Moving as a spouse was MORE difficult because:
  • I had zero control over any of the process. This drove me nuts. I hate it when I'm made to feel as if I cannot take care of myself, and there was a lot of that. When we got here, we tried to split up some of the transitioning tasks. Every time I made a phone call, I found myself asking if it was okay if it was ME coming in, and not the actual active duty service member. Because it sure is an inconvenience when you're told you CAN'T actually accomplish what you set out to do!
  • Tricare was a pain in the rear end. Oh wait, that's not just because of moving, it's because of always.
  • I had someone to drive me crazy during the move! Sorry, husband.
There were many things that were comparable within this move. For one, I found that finding a house here has been similar to house hunting in Germany, of all places. (For reference, I consider my Germany move as my #1 most difficult move to date.) But that is a story for another day.

Another day that will come SOON, I promise! I have a lot more adventures to cover!


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