Friday, July 12, 2013

Chronicle of The Move, Part I

We've been without internet for a few weeks, thanks to complications with the move. Sometimes, it just takes a few days (or more) to get everything installed in a new home.

We are (semi-officially) moved in!

Granted, we are still unpacking boxes, but they are more than half way finished, and we have all of our utilities set up! Most importantly, the KITCHEN is unpacked - which means we can actually cook here! Yes, I'd call that moved in.

I now feel that I have the time to go through our crazy moving adventure, which began a month and a half ago. Without further ado, here it is.

Personal Photo
Part I: The Road Trip.

We started in North Carolina, prepared for our 10+ day adventure to California with a caravan of my car, the Jeep hauling a camper, and the pets! 


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